12 Easy Creative Table Set-ups

If you’re looking for a simple way to set up creative provocations that encourage curiosity and imagination, you will love the Creative Table™ Project. These activities won’t take a lot of time to set up, and while your child creates you can step back while they enjoy the process of exploration.

12 No fuss creative table set ups for kids on TinkerLab®


The Creative Table™ Project invites you to share an image of a creative invitation, prompt, provocation, or set-up. 

The creative table set-ups are simple: Clear a table, place the inspiring materials in an inviting arrangement, and invite a child to create.

There’s no right or wrong way about it. While we may have an idea about how the other person will use the materials, it’s ultimately up to the child to determine the outcome.

You can read more here for tips on how to set  up these creative table provocations.

12 no fuss Creative Table set ups for kids

Creative Table: Why it’s Important to Have a Clean Table

Creative Table Set up: Tape and Paper Bags

Creative Table Set up: Paint and Looping Lines

Creative Table Set up: Tape and Paper

Creative Table Set up: Doilies and Scissors

Creative Table Set up:Leaves and Glue

Creative Table Set up: Stickers and Frames

Creative Table Set up: Glue and Sand

Creative Table Set up: Doily and Watercolor Painting

Creative Table Set up: Valentine’s Day Cards

Creative Table Set up: Cardboard Heart Stamps

Creative Table Set up: Blend Chalk Pastels

Creative Table Set up: Glitter Pine Cones

The Creative Table Project: 12 Easy Maker Prompts for Little Kids

If you’re new to all of this, find out how to set up a self-serve maker space for kids.

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