Hand Painted Wrapping Paper for Kids


There’s nothing quite as precious as a homemade gift, and even more so if it’s wrapped up in hand painted wrapping paper. We used this wrapping paper to wrap homemade soap for Mother’s Day, and you could use this for just about any gift.

This is a fun and practical way to help kids learn about absorbent paper. Following this activity you can experiment with coffee filters, doilies, paper towels, tissues, or coffee filters again.

Ages: 2 and up

Benefits and Skills: Fine motor, experimentation, play, connection, curiosity

Hand painted wrapping paper for children


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Hand painted wrapping paper for kids

The Set Up

  1. Cover your work area
  2. Set up tissue paper, paint, pipettes, and brushes.
  3. Invite your child to paint
  4. Once the painting is done, move it to dry on a sheet of newspaper or packing paper. For extra fun, use kitchen tongs to move the work.

Note: You can set all of this up outside or in a large cookie sheet like this if you’re worried about your child squeezing paint all over the table.

Questions to Ask

What will happen if we squeeze paint on this paper?

What colors do you want to paint with?

I wonder what will happen if the blue and yellow paint mix together?

Hand painted wrapping

Once your paper is dry, use it to wrap up homemade gifts.

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  1. Hi! Is packing paper the same as tissue paper? Im a little confused because the materials list calls for packing paper, but the instructions mentioned tissue paper.

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