Paper Plate Weaving | Make a Doll Hammock

Make a paper plate weaving into a doll hammock | Easy Weaving project for kids

Have you ever tried circle weaving on a paper plate? Today, I’ll both share how to make a paper plate weaving, and also how to turn that weaving into a sweet little hammock for a small doll.

My girls, ages 4 and 6, adore these hammocks, and my older daughter quickly adopted the one you see here. Check out this video of the entire process — I’ll share more a more detailed tutorial below.

YouTube video

Supplies for Paper Plate Weaving

Paper Plate



Popsicle Stick or Choptick

Kids Weaving Project | Circle Weaving Hammock for Dolls

Paper Plate Weaving Steps

Step 1: Cut notches in around the edges of the plate. This has to be an ODD number.  9 or 11 notches seems to work well.

Step 2: Wrap yarn around the paper plate. See demonstration in the video (above). Tie a knot so this doesn’t come loose.

Kids Weaving Project | Circle Weaving Hammock for Dolls

Step 3: Wrap yarn around the popsicle stick.

Step 4: Tie one end of the yarn to the center of the criss-crossed plate yarn.

Step 5: Weave the popsicle stick yarn over and under the plate yarn. Continue until you are done. You can change colors along the way by tying yarns together.

Kids Weaving Project | Circle Weaving Hammock for Dolls

Step 6: Cut the yarn from the plate

Step 7: Tie the ends of the yarn to each other so that the weaving doesn’t come undone. Add more yarn to create the long, hanging strings. (See an alternative way to tie this off in the video).

Step 8: Add a toy!

Kids Weaving Project | Circle Weaving Hammock for Dolls

Another idea!

My 4-year old noticed that turning one of these creations upside down transformed it into a jelly fish. These ends weren’t tied off, so it’s bound to fall apart eventually, but we could have easily tied them off.

Kids Weaving Project | Circle Weaving Jelly Fish

This project is part of Kids Crafts 101, a collection of crafts that are made from materials you most likely have lying around your home. Things like paper bags, cardboard rolls, string, paper plates, and cardboard. Click here to see all of the ideas in this series.

Kids Crafts 101

Yesterday’s clever idea from Anna at The Imagination Tree is to make colorful Egg Carton Flower Necklaces, and tomorrow, Jeanette of Tiny Rotten Peanuts will share how to make these delightful String Nests.

11156744_10152948700585805_575613773_n jeanette

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  1. I love this! What fun idea to transform it into a DIY toy!

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  4. This was a very creative hammock.
    A quick question how did u make the babies?

    • Thanks, Neha. The babies were from the store 🙂

  5. […] Paper plate weaving is also simple. Instead of chopsticks, you’ll use a paper plate as your base. And you’ll notice we used a popsicle stick as a shuttle to help the yarn weave easily. We also show you how to turn your weaving into a small doll hammock! […]

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