Easy DIY Bubble Solution for Kids

This easy bubble solution recipe is a staple for parents and pre-school teachers. It’s easy to make, comes together in about one minute, it’s safe, and kids love it.

how to make a one minute bubble solution

Bubbles make kids happy!

I’ve been so busy with all sorts of parenting/household/traveling/social things lately, and love to find easy projects that make my kids happy. This is one of those things.

My daughter’s preschool has a big bubble table set up all summer long, and it’s a magical place where the kids can chill out and regroup while they make and pop bubbles. The other day I set up a few water areas around our yard, and the kids would migrate to this bubble table after a few rounds on the Slip ‘n Slide or bounces on our neighbor’s see-saw.

Easy Bubble Solution Supplies

  • Dish Soap. We like Trader Joe’s Next to Godliness dish soap and Dawn Ultra (affiliate). I use the dish soap from Trader Joe’s, and was surprised that it worked so well. I’ve used Dawn in the past, and the bigger, commercial soaps make fantastic bubbles.
  • Water
  • Bubble Wands
  • Large tub, small pool, or water table

how to make a one minute bubble solution

How to make the Easy Bubble Solution

  1. Squirt dish soap into the water table or bucket and then fill with a little bit of water. The ratio is approximately 1:5, but don’t rely on this too heavily since it varies depending on the brand of soap you use — just add more soap or water to get it just right.
  2. Add a bubble wand (or a few) and you’re good to go!

I’d encourage you to experiment with your soap and see if it works before setting this up for a big group of eager kids.


    • It’s just so easy, and when I want to make a big batch to fill our water table, it’s truly affordable.

  1. When I read the title to your post I thought it would have a recipe for a bubble solution that produced bubbles that lasted for a whole minute. Silly me!

    • Funny, Windy! I’ll have to get better at writing my titles, although some of the bubbles did last about a minute. If you add a little glycerine to the soap, it’ll make the bubbles last a long time.

      • Your title is perfect! I’ll try the glycerine. 😉

  2. Sounds perfect. My favorite one minute activity is playdoh (unfortunately, clean up is anything but one minute)

    • Play dough is popular in my home too. I’m guessing that it takes one minute to set up?

  3. I loved this post, an wanted to let you know included in my recent round up of Summer activities! With this, we will be able to make LOTS of bubbles this Summer 🙂


    • You made me laugh, Tiffany 🙂 It’s too easy, right?

  5. PLEASE don’t let your kids use DAWN, it’s. toxic. Some people use it to bathe their dogs because it kills fleas but will make a dog sick. Please google it. It will help birds in an oil spill but eventually they die from the chemicals in DAWN. I stopped buying it.

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