Simple Travel Art Pack: The Itty-Bitty Airplane Art Kit

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

– Henry Miller

This will make traveling easier! And all of the supplies are easy to pull together in a matter of minutes.

We’re on the road!

Well, truly, we were on the road, in the sky, on the ground, in the sky, on the road again, on a boat, and finally, finally, finally grounded on a rustic island in Mexico.

Sweet summer!

I didn’t think I’d have internet access, but low-and-behold, we live in a w-ifi world and I’m somewhat connected!  So, my posts may be a bit spotty, but I’ll try my best to add some fresh material while we’re away.

To expedite our trip through customs (and save my pregnant back while someone demands that I carry her – I’m not disclosing any names), we whittled our bags down to just carry-on luggage.  Can you believe this?  This has never happened to me in my life as a parent, and now that I’ve figured out the formula it will be hard to go back.

The trick, I believe, lies in the minuscule summer wardrobe (no bulky sweaters and jeans!) and having one child who doesn’t require a gazillion gadgets to keep her happy and healthy. On our last trip I packed an enormous bag FULL of entertaining toys, art materials, games, and videos, which was great – believe me – but this time around we didn’t have someone waiting for us on the other side with open arms and an oversized car.

So, armed with a goal of being judicious, the Itty-Bitty Airplane Art Kit was born.

Easy Travel Art Kit for Kids

simple travel art pack: the itty-bitty airplane art kitSupplies

  • Gallon-sized ziplock bag
  • Assorted Pens, Pencils, Crayons
  • A Variety of Paper
  • Glue Stick and/or clear tape.
  • Stickers, organized in a snack-sized ziplock
  • Safety scissors. Avoid these if you’re flying, but scissors are handy for cutting up travel brochures and other ephemera that’s collected along the way.
  • Any other must-haves that your child adores

Make Simple Sketchbooks

I wanted to bring a bunch of paper, but because I didn’t have the space I folded about 8 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper of various colors in half, and then stapled the “spine” to create a few sketch books.  Very easy for on-the-go drawing.

simple travel art pack: the itty-bitty airplane art kitBe sure to check out 10 Creative Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids this Summer for more ideas like this.

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  1. This is a good idea! Travel,or necessity, the Mother of Invention!

    • As a world traveler, you would be the one to know about travel being the “mother of invention.” I love it!

    • It is, which made me feel better about being up until 2 am the night before our trip. I kept packing/unpacking until all the pieces fit together. And of course there were some must-haves, like my favorite coffee, which I just wouldn’t budge on. 🙂

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  5. nice compact travel pack which can be easy to take with us. Great idea

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