slide houseI was excited to find a bounty of blank slides when we visited SCRAP (San Francisco’s answer to a re-use center for artists and educators) a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what we’d do with them, but it didn’t matter because resourceful children always know just what these sorts of things are for.

taping slides together

slide houseMy 3 year old colored some of the slides with Sharpies and then taped them together to build a house. I try to keep our clear tape dispenser stocked to support spur-of-the-moment inspiration like this. N needed a little help holding the roof on while she taped the sides together, and I also helped her press all the tape down so it wouldn’t fall apart.

coloring slidesWe also picked up a few pieces of wood at SCRAP, which formed the base for these “airplanes.” N colored the windows with Elmer’s Painters Markers and left one unpainted “so that the pilot could see the way.”

coloring slides

If your kids have made things with slides, I’d love to hear about it!


    • Kids are full of endless great ideas, aren’t they?

  1. Hm, what about using them with your fabulous light table. If N likes to think about airplanes when playing with the slides, maybe the light table can be an airport at night? Just an idea. Love the coloring on slides. Small scale but powerful art, especially combined with imagination!

    • Ahhh, let’s resurrect the light table! I like how you’re thinking, Jena.

  2. I could see these hanging in a window or as an ornament with the light shining through them! I am all about making sun catchers! It reminds me of the Artful Parent’s Flower Box! You have great ideas for repurposing stuff!

    • Funny, Melissa, you and sun catchers are synonymous in my mind 🙂 And now that you mention it, I know exactly what you mean about the flower box. Totally! Thanks for the nice comment.

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