painting the paper mural

It’s summer, so just about everything we’re doing over here has taken us outside. And I also have a 10-month old who’s far happier outside than in, so I’m busy dreaming up all sorts of things that will keep my 3-year old entertained in the great outdoors. This project could also be easily set up inside — just add a drop cloth to protect your floors!

This would be a fun project for a birthday or block party — with more kids involved the enthusiasm would be sure to build!

paints for paper mural


  • Fence or Wall
  • Large Sheets or Rolls of Paper
  • Bowls filled with Paint. I used Tempera Paint
  • Paper Tape
  • Large Brushes

painting the paper mural

I taped sheets of paper to a fence, placed bowls of paint on the ground with some textured foam brushes, and my daughter took it from there.

choosing paint for the paper mural

I’ve noticed that N has been particular about keeping her paint colors separated! She kept each brush in its color, and that was that! This hasn’t always been the case; when N was younger she was more invested in mixing paint than applying it to paper.

Do your kids have a favorite way to paint?  


  1. Love this idea. Im thinking of going to the thrift store and finding a plain white sheet, ,using some fabric colors and making either a picnic blanket or something with this…I love it!!

    • That’s a great idea, Kat! And afterwards, you’d have a work of art that could double as a tablecloth, drop cloth, picnic blanket…

  2. OH, I love how big this is! How did you set it up? ^ I love Kat’s idea for a white sheet too!

    I can’t wait for Henry to get to the point of keeping the colors seperate! I’m learning to give him only primaries, so the mixed colors still look like something interesting 🙂

  3. We have been painting toilet paper tubes lately. We painted then red and blue 9and then put star stickers on them) for 4th of july decorations. And now (because I have no ideas for the next few months) we are painting some purple (I was thinking of folding down the tops to make ears and her gluing google eyes on to make cats for halloween mantle? not sure if it will work). And she usually wants to paint the paper when we are done – thanks for all the free brown paper, Amazon! – so that is my stockpile for gift wrapping paper.

    We also did some spin art (which we stamped onto shirts for dress like a cow day at chickfila) and painted a paper plate for a bird/nest collage.

  4. We loved “painting outside”. We used clothes pins to hang our paper on our chain link fence and painted away! The sun dried the pictures faster then indoors and pictures were ready to take home the same day. Our daycare backyard was turned into our art gallery.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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