How to Grow Aragonite Crystals

Grow White Aragonite Crystals

We do so many cool projects that never make it onto TinkerLab. I wish you could see the stacks and stacks of photo files that are just waiting to be shared here. I am seriously in need of an assistant (who's over six years old)! A little over two years ago we grew a batch of amazing aragonite crystals. Have you heard of these? They are incredible: easy to grow, not … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Solar Lights for Kids

DIY Solar Night Light feature

This month I'm blogging about science projects for a series of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) posts with a group of my favorite bloggers. More on that in a moment. But first, I'm excited to share our contribution of Mason Jar Solar Lights for Kids, aka Easy and Affordable Night Lights!  This week's theme is harness, and here's the definition that I'm … [Read more...]

Kids Science: Flying Tea Bag Hot Air Balloon

Flying tea bag hotair balloon experiment| Kid Science

My kids are fascinated by things that fly, and today I'm sharing the flying tea bag hot air balloon, a fun hands-on flying activity as part of a new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) series. More on that in a second...   Flying Tea Bag Experiment This is a quick activity that only requires a fire-safe area and a few supplies you most likely … [Read more...]

Easy Stop Motion Animation for Beginners

Easy Set-up for Stop Motion Animation with Kids |

While my girls have been in a little bit of camp this summer, it's mainly been Camp Mom for our family: local adventures, crafts, and lots and lots of unstructured play. We're lucky to have some great neighbors with kids, and our girls have been lost in imaginative play that expands beyond the reach of anything I could possibly fabricate for them. However, we've had a few … [Read more...]

Fun Science Experiments: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking Soda and Science Exploration | Fun Science Experiments |

My kids love fun science experiments. While cooking breakfast the other day, my three-year old asked about making concoctions with the breakfast supplies. While I'm all for mixing up ingredients with kids, I wasn't prepared to have a lot of good food go to waste. So we set up a classic concoction center with some baking soda and vinegar. So much fun! Supplies: Fun Kitchen … [Read more...]