Engaging Painting Provocations for Kids

engaging painting provocations for kids

What is an Art Provocation?

An Art Provocation, also called an Invitation to Create, is a thoughtfully set up prompt that provokes children to create, ask questions, test ideas, and think independently, all while exploring with art materials.

The adult’s role in the art provocation to create is to set the materials up, ask provocative questions such as “I wonder what we can create with these supplies?” or challenges such as “How can we use these materials to paint something that flies?” Once the materials are set and the question/s posed, the child is free to explore and manipulate the materials however he or she desires.

Provocations cross disciplines and come in multiple forms. For example, if a child demonstrated an interest in owls, you could set up a book about owls alongside drawing paper and colored pencils. Or, you could set up Owl Pellets on a tray with tweezers, gloves, and a diagrams of what could be found inside the pellets. Our favorite painting provocations are easy to set up and don’t require a lot of elaborate supplies.

10 Painting Provocations for Kids

Here are ten engaging Painting Provocations that you can try today. Look over these projects with your child or students in mind. What are they interested in and asking questions about? If the weather is warm and you’re talking about temperature, you might enjoy Frozen Chalk Paint. If leaves are falling in your area, you might like to try ArtStart with Paint, Tape, and Leaves.

The idea is simple: set up the materials, ask a few questions to get your child interested and engaged, and then invite him or her to create. Kids always appreciate making alongside their adults and mentors, so you can play too if the spirit moves you.

engaging painting provocations for kids

Frozen Chalk Paint

engaging painting provocations for kids

Invitation to Create with CD’s and Paint Pens

engaging painting provocations for kids

Doily Painting Process Art Project

Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting Process Art

engaging painting provocations for kids

ArtStart with Paint, Tape, and Leaves

engaging painting provocations for kids

Creative Invitation with Paint and Looping Lines

Blown straw painting kids

Blown Straw Painting in Preschool

Kids Art Projects | Rolling Rock Painting | TinkerLab.com
Rolling Rock Painting for Toddlers

Rolling Rock Painting

engaging painting provocations for kids

Pipette Squeezed Tissue Wrapping Paper

engaging painting provocations for kids

Mixed Media painting on Wood Panel


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