Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Critters

This simple painted leaf tutorial is a keeper for kids of all ages. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy the fall season, don’t miss our printable list of 50 Family Fall Activities. When autumn arrives, children enjoy experiencing the seasonal shift with related art experiences that build lasting family traditions.

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fall craft ideas | leaf critters

We’ll start by collecting an assortment of leaves. Choose leaves that have already fallen, when possible. Try not to gather leaves that are too crunchy as they’re more likely to disintegrate at the art table.

When home, collect the rest of your supplies. I recommend acrylic paint because it has the best staying power, but for little ones, Crayola (affiliate) makes an amazing washable tempera paint.


Note: this list contains affiliate links.

  • Leaves
  • Paint. I love this washable paint option from Crayola. If you’d like to invest in some amazing acrylics (on the more expensive side), Golden Fluid glides on effortlessly and is one of my favorites.
  • Small + thin paintbrushes. I love this inexpensive set.
  • White glue
  • Bowl of water to wash brushes
  • Marker. I happen to love Sharpies, and these are a great deal.
  • Rag to dry brush
  • Card Stock paper (optional)
Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Critters | TinkerLab.com

Steps: Painted Fall Leaf Critters

Before you start painting, take a look at the leaf and try to figure out what kind of critter you want it to be. Will it be a fish, octopus, or monster? If you have a toddler or preschooler, they may be very happy just painting lines, dots, and shapes all over the leaves. Whatever they choose, be sure to create space for it and follow their lead.

Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Critters | TinkerLab.com

Paint eyes on with white paint.

Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Critters | TinkerLab.com

Layer on some details…

And then, if you like, glue it to a sheet of paper and add more details with marker.

Snap a photo of your creation!

Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Critters | TinkerLab.com

And there you have it: a fun and simple way to celebrate Fall.

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    Make it a Party!

    Gather some friends together, ask them to bring a small collection of fresh leaves, set up all the materials ahead of time, and serve hot apple cider.

    More Fall Craft Ideas with Leaves

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    Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Critters | TinkerLab.com
    Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Critters | TinkerLab.com


    1. I love crafts like this but whenever we work with autumn leaves they crumble and disintegrate. Is there a way to preserve the leaves for this project? Thanks! C M E

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