June TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge

After taking a short break from the TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge, I’m ready to try another round in the month of June.

Are you with me?

TinkerSketch Drawing Challenge

After the last Sketchbook Challenge, I received so much encouraging feedback.

Here’s a sampling of what people like you had to say about their experience:

  • I can’t thank you enough for the challenge. I quit my job as a designer to be a SAHM and even when I love it, I realized I needed to have a project for myself, something that the kids could see me working on, and this has been a perfect “excuse” to set some time aside for myself to do that. I like doing it alongside my oldest, sometimes he is painting with me, sometimes h is just playing – but he sees me being creative, and I fell it’s very important. Thanks again!
  • I’ve really enjoyed the discipline of finding time everyday for bits of creative time. Some of the hardest prompts have been the most interesting. Quite often I’ve started the day with one thought and by the end of the day I’ve arrived at something quite different. It has made me much more observant too.
  • My favorite part was connecting with people around the world and trying to think of creative ways to execute the prompt of the day. Thank you!!!
  • My favorite thing is connecting with others. My second favorite was thinking about each prompt every day. I like to turn ideas around in my mind. Also, I have added drawing prompts for my upper level high school art students as a result of this – with good success. Thank you.
  • Thank you Rachelle. I certainly sketched and painted more than usual thanks to your great prompts.
  • Loved the challenges for ideas to stretch my mind and try new things. I can no longer say, “I can’t draw” because now I know I can! Thanks for encouraging a safe place for a non-artist to get artistic. I also loved the idea that it was just supposed to be a quick project each day. That really took the pressure off.

And this makes me feel great!

I firmly believe that we all have creative ideas inside of us, and that drawing skills are not a requisite for creativity. Challenges such as TinkerSketch celebrate processes of creativity and a spirit of trying new things.

It’s not the product, but the process that’s important.

Here’s an example of my interpretation of the one-minute drawing prompt from the very first TinkerSketch Challenge. I set the timer for one minute, and created one drawing – this set of nine drawings took nine minutes.

For more on how to do this, you can see my post about it here. Fun bonus, day 19 of the upcoming June challenge poses a similar prompt and you can give this a try.

One minute drawing on TinkerLab

So here we go… Let’s tackle June gloom (that’s a weather phenomena in Southern California) with our brushes, pencils, and notebooks.

Are you in?

June 2015 Sketchbook Challenge

TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge for drawing experimnets. Join Anytime! This is such a fun drawing challenge. All welcome.

Share it!

If you know anyone who might like to join, feel free to screen shot any of these images, pin it, tweet it, and pass it along.

Print it!

For anyone who wants to print this in Black and White, here’s a list for your convenience:

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Get the Sketchbook Challenge FAQ’s

Next, you’ll want all the details. Read here for more.

Sketchbook Drawing Technique | White Pen on Painter's Tape

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    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I hope you’ll join me.

  1. Rachel, I can’t believe I chose one of the busiest months per year to join you but, yes: I’m in! It’s a really fun challenge. I even wrote a small blip about it today in a weekend post. Keep up the great work.

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