Oh what fun! When the holiday season gets a little bit too busy, I like to retreat with a hot cup of tea, cozy socks, and a juicy magazine. And when it comes to crafting, I try to keep things super simple so my mind doesn’t feel that intense overwhelm that can come with doing too much. In that spirit, this Pom Pom Christmas Ornament Bauble has got to be one of the easiest ornament crafts around. To set this up requires little effort, and the result is charming.

Pom pom Christmas bauble craft project for kids


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Set-up and Steps

  1. Clear the table and set up a bowl of pom poms, a few clear ornament balls, ribbon, and the low-heat glue gun.
  2. Invite your child to create an ornament.
  3. Fill the ornament with pom poms.
  4. Tie a ribbon around the top loop.
  5. Add pom poms to the ribbon with the glue gun.

Creativity Corner

Sometimes kids will come up with their own ideas that stretch outside the bounds of what you may have in mind. I love these moments and encourage them as they help children develop their independence and imagination. If your child wants to add sequins or buttons instead of pom poms, or wants to fill the ball with glitter, be open to the possibility that your child may come up with his or her own ideas. This is a great opportunity for playful crafting. Encourage creativity and imagination!

Easy kids Christmas ornament

Pom Pom Christmas Ornament Bauble

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