Pom Pom Christmas Pinecone Ornament Craft

The holiday season is upon us and the smells of the season are filling our home with cinnamon, fir, cloves, vanilla, and pine. It’s delightful!

Pom Pom Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

Making Christmas crafts from pine cones is easy, seasonal, and inexpensive. This pom pom Christmas craft can be set up in just a few minutes, clean up is easy, and kids get the chance to exercise their glue gun skills (so fun!). Glue guns and kids? Don’t fret – keep reading for details on how to build glue gun confidence.

pom pom pinecone ornament supplies


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Glue guns and kids? Yes! Glue guns enable kids to bring their 3-D visions to life in a matter of seconds, while avoiding the frustration of waiting for white glue to dry. Just be sure to use a glue gun with a low heat setting like Elmer’s Craft Bond Dual Temp. I really like this glue gun because I can flip the switch to high temp (for my mama super-gluing needs) and safely back to low temp for the kids.

dog with pine cone

Let’s talk pinecones: If you live somewhere where they’re dropping everywhere like they are here in Northern California, bonus! Your pinecones can be found for free! Our new puppy loves chewing on pine cones – this one did not make it to the crafting table.

However, you may not want those lovely sap-infused, rain-drenched pinecones, and the good news is that they’re easy to find this time of year at craft stores. I found a bag of about 20 pinecones, infused with cinnamon, for just a few dollars. I like the natural rustic look, but for a beautiful holiday ornament, you could start with shimmery gold pinecones like these.

DIY kids pinecone Christmas ornament supplies


  • Clear the table and cover it with paper or a table covering if you don’t want the glue to stick to the table. I’d recommend this step if your table is a precious surface.
  • Plug in the glue gun.
  • Set up a bowl or plate of pom poms, a few pine cones, and ribbon.
  • If your child has never used a glue gun, walk through some safety steps on how to use it: don’t touch the tip and don’t touch the glue immediately after it comes out of the glue gun. Make a practice pinecone together to work out any kinks. Patience is so important with this step, so take your time if you need to.
  • Invite your child to attach pom poms to the pine cone.
  • Make a loop of yarn and glue it to the top of the pine cone.
  • Hang your ornament!

Creativity Corner

Sometimes kids will come up with their own ideas that stretch outside the bounds of what you may have in mind. I love these moments and encourage them as they help children develop their independence and imagination. If your child wants to add sequins or buttons instead of pom poms, or wants to wrap the pine cone in ribbon, go for it! This is a great opportunity for playful crafting.

easy kids pinecone Christmas ornament

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  1. I made these yesterday with my my young ones and I found that they could just shove the pom poms in the pine cone and they stayed on there own with no glue needed. My 2 yr old completely filled every opening while my 4 yr old made a face with the pom poms on hers. I loved it because the only thing I had to help with was attaching the string but the creativity was completely theirs. Thanks for the great craft idea!

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