Seven Ways to Build a Gingerbread House

7 Ways to Make a Gingerbread House |

Are you getting ready to make a gingerbread house? This article shares seven different ways to make a gingerbread house. Many of these are kid-friendly, and there are even a couple surprises in this group!

Make a Gingerbread House from a Mold

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Find a mold like this. While most of the work is done for you, you can still say it’s 100% homemade!

7 Ways to Make a Gingerbread House |

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House on a Milk Carton

This is the recipe my friend made for our toddler play date last year, and it was perfect for little ones. I know my friend had a hard time collecting milk cartons for all the children in our group, but once you gather the milk cartons, they’re easy to assemble. From Martha Stewart.

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House on a Milk Carton | Tinkerlab

Make a Gingerbread House from Scratch

Mama Smiles shows us how she made her house with a toddler (no small feat!) from scratch!

Seven ways to make a gingerbread house | Tinkerlab

Make a Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

Caked Alaska shows us how to make a beautiful graham cracker gingerbread house (unlike my ramshackle shanty town houses). And this post from Kelley Moore is also lovely.

How to Make a Graham Cracker Gingerbread House | Tinkerlab

Tiny Gingerbread House Perched on the Rim of a Mug

Oh my goodness! These are most definitely not for making with little kids, but what a show stopper! Couldn’t resist sharing these beauties from Not Martha.

Seven ways to make a gingerbread house | Tinkerlab

Gingerbread House from a Kit

Or, take the easier route with a store-bought kit. A Spoonful of Sugar Designs shares their Ikea kit. Lovely. These kits are easy to find in many stores during the holiday season. In case you want the ease of shopping online, this gingerbread house kit is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon (affiliate).

Seven ways to make a gingerbread house | Tinkerlab

Gingerbread Matzo House

Not exactly gingerbread, but we made these jelly bean matzo houses earlier this year and I couldn’t resist sharing, just to show that with some icing and candy, you can turn just about anything into a house.

Matzoh gingerbread house

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  1. Amanda @ Notjustcute says

    I was once crazy enough to build one from scratch.  Now I just hot glue graham crackers to build individual simple houses and set the boys loose to decorate.  They’re just as happy, and I feel more sane!  :0)  Thanks for all the great ideas! 

    • Rachelle says

      I totally hear you, Amanda! I think I had to have the “make from scratch” experience just one time, and next time around it’ll most likely be a kit! So funny that you hot glue the graham crackers together. I wouldn’t have thought of that!

  2. says

    it looks amazing, rachelle! and what a wonderful round-up you’ve offered, too! this is something we’ve steered clear of since the whole gluten-free thing in our home, as i’m thinking the GF cookie would crumble. i love the little graham cracker ones your neighbors are working on, too! happy holidays!

    • Rachelle says

      Hmmm, it doesn’t sound sound like gingerbread is in the stars for you. I feel so bad for all my GF friends this time of year.

  3. says

    My favorite way is to not make one. 😉 I was never into the idea of baking something we couldn’t then eat, and I have no desire to attempt a GF one. This has NEVER shown up on my kids’ list when I do my yearly check-in of what they want to do during the holiday season, so it’s all good all around that we skip it.

    • Rachelle says

      Ha ha! All my GF friends are checking in today! Yeah, I thought about you and Jen when I posted this. Thanks for chiming in, Amy 🙂 Given that it’s so time consuming, you’re probably better off doing other things anyway!

  4. says

    I have never made one! (does a paper one count?) My  sister has made them with her kids (now college aged) and they still request to make them! She must have some secrets that I must ask her. Your house turned out wonderful! Love the Looong list of candies to put on the house…..too funny. I have an old cook book (circa 19650) that explains how to make a house completely out of candy and cookies (not exactly a gingerbread house). Thanks for listing all the ways to create houses….a nice collection to contemplate. 

  5. says

    The jelly bean matzo houses are HILARIOUS and ingenious at the same time!!!  I love it!

    • Rachelle says

      I’m totally with you, Maryanne. I love our mold, but I’ll have to see how crazy my life is with the kids next year. 

    • Rachelle says

      Oh, I’m glad it had that effect, because I too felt overwhelmed by it. But there are easier ways to do it. All my friends swear by kits!

  6. Liz says

    Your blog is so incredible. Thank you for all the inspiration you provide!

    We love doing gingerbread houses every year. We always do a few purchased ones (love the ones from Trader Joe’s this year) but the most fun is usually when I make pre-assembled graham cracker right angles and let the kids go crazy with them. While they don’t look like the traditional cottages, I love that the kids can get really creative with their designs:

    • Rachelle says

      Hi Liz, Thanks so much for the kind feedback. I can’t believe how many house you pre-assembled. The kids all look like they had a great time…thanks for sharing the link!

  7. Chelsea says

    My nanny makes the graham cracker houses with our kids each year, and instead of using a milk carton as the internal support structure, she uses those little cartons of goldfish crackers, which are SO easy to find (at Target, at least).  Plus, the kids can munch on something slightly more nutritious than candy while they make them 🙂