Art Activities

How to Make Paper

how to make paper

How to Make a Bunny Garland

spring art bunny garland

How to Watercolor Bunnies

how to watercolor

Easy Origami Rabbit

origami rabbit steps

Organic Shape Monsters

Shrinky Dink Charms

Materials Challenge


Negative Leaf Impressions

Painting on Wood Panel

Leather Stamping

Face Collage for Scribblers

Pounded Flower Bookmarks

Forest Land Art

Six Ways to Take Art Outdoors

Fifty Art Materials for Toddlers

Hanging Fabric Collage

Cube Sculpture

Blending Chalk Pastels

Bubble Print Lunch Bag

Drawing Under the Table

Cardboard Box Challenge

Cardboard Box Splat Printing

Watercolor gift wrapping

Cotton Ball Collage

Glossy, Glittery Collage

Abstract Recycled Prints

Looping Twisties Through Paper

Colander Sculpture

Rubber Band Painting

Chocolate Lollipops

Coffee Filter Flowers

Art Dice

Funnel Painting

Rainbow Play Dough

What Can We Spin?

Spring Sink Mat Prints

Recycled Sculpture

Even Toddlers Can Sew

All-in-one Valentine Envelope

Scanning Toys and Objects

Deconstructed Valentines

Sweet Potato Heart Prints

Melted Plastic Bag Collage

Valentine’s Shrinky Dinks

Goopy Cornstarch

Glittery Pine Cones

Candy Cane Still Life

Frozen Wreath

Bubble Paint Recipe

Bubble Painting

Raindrop Collage

Advent Calendar

Marbleized Paper

Aluminum Foil Painting

Drippy Gravity Painting

Body Tracing

Stringing Beads

Salt and Flour Paint

Squeezing Paint

Marble Painting

Printed Upcycled Circle Scarf

Contact Paper Suncatcher

Tissue Paper Collage

Fall Sunprints

Sticky Autumn Collage

Sponge Stamping

Homemade Stickers

Beans are for Gluing

Salty Sprinkles

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

Egg Carton Painting

Doily Drawing

Sticky Gooey Play Dough

Rolling Rock Painting

Exploring Glue


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic website! I’ve bookmarked nearly every page. My four year old thanks you too!

    • Hi Amy! What a sweet comment 🙂 You totally made my day. Look forward to getting to know you and hear about your creative explorations.

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